Never Make These 08 Mistakes If You Have A Healthy Relationship

Finding the one right person in this generation is nothing less than a miracle. Am I right or am I right. It has become such a rare sight where two people in a relationship fits perfectly for each other and have a strong mind to accept the fact that they would do anything for each other. However, if you are lucky enough to have found your “one,” never lose the person. I repeat, never lose that person. Do whatever it takes to keep that person not forgetting to maintain the self-respect line in your relationship. When you order online gifts for him randomly or when you take them out of their favorite destination, you are making your bond stronger and stronger. Why? Because it is these small gestures that are significant for any relationship. However, there are a number of few things that one should never do in a relationship. Some unintentional or intentional acts are just like termites that start eating up a relationship and you would not even realise till the time they make a void in your relationship. Wondering what those are? Plunge into the article and know more. 

  • Stop putting efforts:

Remember the initial period of your relationship? It was all about chasing and impressing that one person, right? However, when you get that person, you should never stop making those efforts that you were making to get them. Once they are yours, make the same amount of the efforts to keep them and believe me, you will never lose them. 


  • Lose your “self” sense:

Once you are with someone, it’s never about you alone. Everything you do individually, is related to your partner as well. So, whatever you do, you have to do keeping your partner in mind. Losing the sense of self is the most accurate thing you must be doing to keep things going smooth with your partner. 

  • Cheat:

If you are looking for an explanation for this point, something is really really wrong with you. One should Never CHEAT in a relationship. Only the worst kind of human would do that to another human. 

  • Forget important dates:

If you happen to forget important dates like their birthday, your anniversary or any other significant date, believe me, you are ruining your relationship by your own hands. In any case, forget any significant date, get online gifts delivery and surprise your spouse with them and promise them to never repeat the mistake again.

  • Compare them:

This is the most unethical thing one should never do in a relationship. Every person is different and has his or her own individuality. Never make this blunder by comparing them to somebody else because it will not only hurt them but would also make them feel less confident about themselves. 

  • Dismiss the problems:

Every relationship has its share of problems and everything. No couple is perfect enough to get into fights and arguments. However, there is this one thing that if there is a serious problem that is hampering your relationship and if it is affecting your partner, never dismiss or ignore the problem. Running away from the problem will not solve it but would make it even worse. Talk it out, reach to a solution, that’s how a relationship works. 

  • Hide things:

Whether it is a casual chat with a friend or a party plan with friends after office, the moment you start hiding things from your partner or start lying about those things, this is where you are striking at the foundation of your relationship. There might be clashes sometimes when you take the clear picture but hiding them is a permanent damage that you will be causing to your relationship.

  • Bring up the past:

Everyone has a past. If you are not ready to accept the other person’s past, there is no point you should be getting in one relationship. Also, bringing up their past every now and then, would make you lose that person gradually. Let go of their past, accept it the way it is and focus on your present with them.


So, if you want your relationship to stay healthy and a happy one, never ever commit any of the things mentioned above.