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How to make you flat look interesting ?

Are you tired of your 1bhk flat on rent in Pune  and looking for new interior decorating ideas? This post will provide you with 10 interior design ideas to jazz up and make your 1bhk feel like a home!

Hang pictures on the wall – One way to personalize your living space of 1bhk in pune for rent  is by adding some pictures around. Fill up empty walls with memories from special occasions, family photos, or simply creative images that inspire you.

Add decorative accessories- Adding a personal touch to your home makes it more inviting. Hang interesting accessories such as a fan, lanterns, or a vase to add an aesthetic appeal.

 Get rid of that sofa – I know you love it and it is a nice addition to the space, but get rid of that uncomfortable sofa and try something new. You can add a comfy bean bag or cozy futon for added space-saving and comfort. If you can’t get rid of it, then find a nice cover for it.

 Forget the closet – Do you have a closet in your bedroom, but it is not being used for anything? Well, try to avoid having closets everywhere and fill those empty spaces with shelving units. If you have more space, fill that wall with some beautiful display units for more depth.

Use wall shelves – You may already be familiar with this idea, but it works great when you want to display some books or decorative items in your living room as well as an aesthetic appeal without taking up too much space.

 Keep your carpets clean – Don’t let the dirty carpet below you be the reason for your room feeling cluttered and dreary. Use some white or colored rugs to add more color and texture, which leads to more utility.

 Clean up the clutter – Clutter is one thing that can be avoided and should not be allowed in your home. The best way to know what things are cluttered is by organizing them weekly or biweekly. You can use baskets or storage items on your shelves as well as in drawers for those unnecessary items that you don’t need but keep around anyway.

Pick a color scheme – Your decorating ideas are limited only by your imagination. Have you ever thought of “how great it would be to redecorate the living room in a grungey style but with pink walls and blue accents?” You can go as wild as you want when it comes to decorating, so don’t be afraid of trying out new color combinations.

Choose your lighting and accent colors – Lighting is one of the most important elements of your home. You will see and use most of your furniture in the living room so you should pay close attention to how the light reflects on both the walls and furniture.

Change your chairs – Having the same chairs day in and day out of your dining room can be very boring. Replace those chairs with colorful or wood accent chairs to keep them fresh.

 Add a mirror – Mirrors are everywhere these days. You can find them in homes, offices, dressing rooms, and even shopping malls. They are used to give an illusion of depth and brightness in the room as well as help overcome any space limitations.

 Add a mantle – Mantles are typically thought of as places where you would place a clock or other decorative items on it. However, you can use them for pictures from your honeymoon or flower arrangements for special occasions. You can also use them for hiding cords and cables in your living room.

 Add a lamp – Your living room is not complete without having a lamp. Make your living room look bigger by adding a nice lamp to  the room.

Add symmetry – Placing some decorative items on the same side of the furniture visually balances the space and makes your home look more organized as well as aesthetically appealing.

Build a bookcase – If you don’t want to add too much color, then you can always opt for some wooden and glass bookcases instead. A bookcase can also be used to organize the living room space and add some extra storage.

 Add a chair rail – A chair rail is a very aesthetic piece of wood that sits along the edge of your wall in the dining and kitchen space for more storage and decorative purposes.

 Use both sides – Sometimes you see furniture or items that have such pretty designs on one side, but you are unable to see them on the other side. You can use some wood scraps to create a custom design for the side that you can’t see. You will have a matching piece of furniture and more space.

 Add some color – If your living room gets too dark, then adding some color is the best way to add some vibrancy and life to the room especially if you have small children who are looking at them all day long.

add some lighting – Lighting can make even the smallest of rooms look bigger as well as give a greater aesthetic appeal. It also makes any space more functional and easier to use in everyday life.


So, for the owners/residents of 1 BHK flats in Pune or any other city, the above-said handy tips will lend a spacious look to their small homes. Get going now!

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