What are the Top EV Job Opportunities?

What are the Top EV Job Opportunities?

This is now a known fact that people working with electric vehicles are contributing towards environmental efforts. This field has introduced its employees to new dynamic working environments and brought up new roles that people would find very lucrative and rewarding. There are many new EV job opportunities in this sector where there isn’t a lot of competition and the pay is high. Given below is a list of career options in the EV industry that you can put onto your lucrative jobs list!

  • Customer service representative: A customer service representative for an EV company acts as a bridge between the consumer or client and the business they work for. The Representatives are to respond to service requests, customer concerns, and overall feedback on the vehicles. They often work directly with the clients as a part of a larger team so that to the public eye, the company appears responsive and friendly towards their consumer base. The average annual salary of a Customer service representative is USD 48,666.
  • Hybrid vehicle technicians: Hybrid vehicle technicians are essentially mechanics for EVs. Their job is to service and maintain the Electric Vehicles of their clients by working on them directly in a workshop setting. Their additional duties include tasks such as running routine maintenance and conducting more complex repair jobs that can or cannot include the very electrical components of the car. Their average annual salary is around USD 52,335.
  • Electricians: The electrician does multiple jobs in this industry, which can include updating, maintaining, and installing charging stations or assisting in the wiring aspects of EV creation if they work at the assembly plant. An electrician’s average annual income amounts to USD 56,205.
  • Machinist: A machinist is a specialist who creates and installs specialized components on electric vehicles and often assists engineers in the creation of new solutions for said EVs. Other jobs can include machine cleaning, maintenance, and ordering new parts. Their average annual income comes to around USD 59,189.
  • Sales representative: The job of a sales representative is to help their customers choose the ideal vehicles for themselves. They also tend to keep records of older clients who are reluctant to make a purchase and try to convince them otherwise. These professionals tend to stay informed about the industry news and vehicle changes to be able to better understand their vehicles and help out their clients. Their average annual income is about USD 64,440.
  • Mechanical Engineer: The job of a mechanical engineer is to come up with new innovative solutions to the mechanical parts of the EV. This can include complete conceptualization of components such as pistons, engines, fuel transport systems, etc. Other duties can include the creation of designs that are in strict adherence to the current safety guidelines and working with the development team to create mock-up electric vehicle design, plans, and developmental notes for these vehicles. If any technical troubles are coming up, they can assist in troubleshooting them, or create specialized tools for a specific brand of EVs for the public market. Their average annual salary is USD 82,786.


And that brings us to the end of the list of Jobs in the EV sector you should give a once-over to. I sincerely hope that this article was of help to you and aided you in making a good decision for your future.

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